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MF58 glass sealed type thermistor

1.The models used ceramic semiconductor process technology 2.Industrial, medical, environmental protection 3.Mobile battery

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10000 Pieces
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    Thermal Resistor

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Product Description


MF58 glass sealed type thermistor

nProduct Description:
The models used ceramic semiconductor process technology and the combination of technology produced for pure lead at both ends of the axial structure of glass packaging.

The Household appliances (such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, electric fans, electric heaters, etc.) of the temperature control and temperature detection
Office automation equipment (such as copiers, printers, etc.) detect the temperature or temperature compensation
Industrial, medical, environmental protection, meteorology, food processing equipment, temperature control and test
Instructions and flow measurement Level
Mobile battery

Meter coil, integrated circuits, quartz crystal oscillator and temperature compensation for thermocouple

nThe characteristics of
Good stability, high reliability
Resistance range: 0.1 ~ 1000KΩ
Resistance and high precision
As a result of the use of glass packaging, high temperature and humidity in harsh environments such as the use of
Small size, light weight, rugged, easy to automate the installation (in the Printed Circuit Board)
Thermal speed, sensitivity

n Dimensions(mm):

n Specification

n Main Techno-Parameter

uThe range of resistance under the rated zero powerR 25 ):0.11000KΩ
uThe allowable tolerance of R 25 ±1%、±2%、±3%、±5uThe range of B valueR 25/50):31004500K
uThe allowable tolerance of B value±1%、±2%、±3%、±5
uDissipation factor2mW/In Still Air
uThermal time constant20SIn Still Air
uThe range of operating temperature-55+200
uRated Power50mW

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